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P.O. Box 160424
Sacramento, CA 95816

GRAS (Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento) is working to build a sustainable food community in Sacramento. Their foremost program is kitchen-scrap composting, which collects valuable kitchen waste and diverts it to local farms, school and community gardens for nourishing compost. They promote their message of recycling of kitchen waste not only to restaurants, but also to schools, nonprofits, businesses, small children, home cooks and accomplished chefs. As of this year, the GRAS composting program has diverted 175,000 pounds of kitchen scraps from the landfill to fertilize local farms and gardens. They encourage use of products and processes in restaurants that minimize waste, including recyclable and compostable food containers and cork recycling. They also produce Zero-Waste compostable food and supplies with Atlas Disposal.
(916) 446-8918
2630 5th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

Produce Express has been located in Sacramento since 1983 and serves over 1,300 food service establishments with delivery of fresh produce seven days a week. Their service features primarily locally grown produce from throughout northern California, much of it organic and seasonal as well as farmstead cheeses, local dairy products, olives oil, and edible flowers. They actively establish strong working relationships with local small farmers in the region and work to educate their customers about the source of the produce being sold. Capay Organics, River Dog Farm and Del Rio Botanicals are among the organic farms that Produce Express delivers from. Their website features the weekly Market Outlook to alert restaurants to the freshest seasonal produce available. Their staff actively discusses the importance of sustainable foods and its positive effect on the environment with customers. In addition, Produce Express encourages restaurants to work with GRAS (Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento) to recycle kitchen waste, compost and use recyclable containers.
(916) 446-0600
1121 19th Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

Devine Gelateria & Café features gelato made with a base prepared onsite under the direction of the owner, a licensed pasteurizer, who studied gelato making in Italy so she could produce authentic Italian gelato. It is the first of its kind in Sacramento with gelato and sorbetto flavors changing daily. All ingredients used in the making of their gelato and sorbetto come from local ingredients, including seasonal fruits from local sources, local milk, and locally roasted coffee beans. No artificial ingredients are used. Gelato cups and spoons are biodegradable. Owner Elizabeth McCleary and her staff take every opportunity to explain to customers the sourcing of their ingredients and their sustainable values.
(916) 444-7711
2831 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

Revolution Wines produces wine under their own label using locally grown grapes from Clarksburg and Sacramento and Amador counties, generally from within 50 miles of their facility. Grapes are brought to Revolution where they are processed, aged, bottled in their wine cellar and sold at their wine tasting bistro at the same location. Only natural fermentation methods are used. Classes in wine tasting and tours of their wine-making operation are offered onsite to enhance understanding of the importance of locally-grown and made wine. One of their sources, Gandy Hill Vineyards in Elk Grove uses no herbicides or pesticides and the zinfandel grapes used by Revolution are dry farmed. All their wine grape waste is recycled with an offsite company that, in turn, distributes the waste to be converted to grape seed oil, compost and biofuel. Some of the pomace they generate is returned to vineyards for mulch. All their kegs are green.
(916) 363-9685

American River Ranch
2140 Chase Drive
Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

The Farm on Hurley Way
3000 Hurley Way
Sacramento, CA 95864

Soil Born Farms, located on the American River in Rancho Cordova (40 acres) and in Sacramento on Hurley Way (1.5 acres), organically grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables linked to the seasons and temperament of the Sacramento region. All produce is harvested within a day of distribution to local restaurants, famers markets and at their own farm stand at the American River ranch location from May – November. This nonprofit farm is actively involved in fostering organic farming through their farm apprentice program and youth education, special events at the farm, participation at community events and working in partnership with other farm-related groups; all these efforts demonstrate their commitment to quality organic produce and the connection between food, health and the environment. All water used in irrigation comes from the American River and no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers are used. All produce is packaged in reusable boxes and they actively recycle and compost onsite.
(916) 991-1843
20030 Old River Road
West Sacramento, CA 95691

Del Rio Botanical, located on old River road between Sacramento and Woodland, is a privately owned 200-acre ranch producing open-pollinated organically grown seed and freshly packed specialty produce. All of Del Rio’s produce is harvested in the morning for same day delivery through Produce Express to over 50 restaurants in the region, including Mulvaney’s, Waterboy, Masullo, Grange and the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op. Their unique offerings include baby squashes with blossoms attached, Italian cucumbers, heirloom cherry tomatoes, lemon basil, Early Lady beans, calendula petals, chocolate mint, and 125 other specialty products grown on this organic farm. Del Rio offers farm tours and dining opportunities to help educate the community about the importance of organic farming. At every level of their operation, attention is paid to the sustainability of their farm. They use only multi-use boxes and permanent equipment. In addition, they provide year round employment for six agricultural workers.
(916) 456-4522
3675 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

This small café in East Sacramento on J Street has captured a big idea in food: keep it simple
using high-quality ingredients procured locally and seasonally. All menu items are made from
scratch, including aioli, salad dressings, stock and soups, desserts and bread. The assortment
of breads made daily are all crafted from a wild starter, no commercial yeast is used. Their
menu includes heirloom lettuce, beans, squash, turnips and beets when available. Produce
comes from Del Rio Botanicals and other local producers and farms and all meats are humanely
raised. All disposable to-go containers and tableware are made from recycled materials, which
are in turn recyclable. Juno’s Kitchen stands ready to answer questions about sourcing of any
food in their menu.
(916) 457-5737
1401 28th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

Paragary’s Bar and Oven was a pioneer in utilizing local, seasonal ingredients when it first opened in 1983, spurring the now prevalent “locavore” trend in the Sacramento dining scene. Since the beginning, the menu has featured seasonal items that utilize the highest quality meats and produce, provided by small local purveyors. Along with introducing the region’s first wood-fired pizza oven, the restaurant boasts one of the most unique outdoor patio spaces in the city. The restaurant has been certified as a “Sustainable Business” by the Business Environmental Resource Center.
(916) 448-8900
1213 K Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Esquire Grill serves classic American cuisine, with a modern twist. Menu highlights include
natural Angus steaks, sustainably raised pork, local oysters, hand-crafted pastas, and free-
range chicken. The kitchen uses local, seasonal meats, seafood and produce from small local
purveyors. The restaurant has been certified as a “Sustainable Business” by the Business
Environmental Resource Center.