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Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Folsom Blvd & 48th Street
Sacramento, CA 95819 | (916) 451-5181
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Chocolate Fish Coffee believes in fully understanding the coffee cycle from seed to cup.  They source beans that have been harvested within the last 12 months to ensure freshness. For this reason their selection of coffee beans is ever changing, keeping up with harvesting seasons.  They roast weekly and in small batches to ensure the freshest coffee while maintaining the intrinsic flavors of the fruit.  The owners maintain direct relationships with five producer farms, some of whom are organic, fair trade, rainforest alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly and UTZ (Good Inside) certified.

Their newest location on Folsom Blvd. features environmentally friendly design, including 50% LED lighting and 50% fluorescent lighting, low VOC paint, and a coffee roaster that burns 60% less gas than typical open flame gas roasters.

Chocolate Fish offers monthly classes on coffee tasting, home brewing methods, and coffee production and processing methods for customers.