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Temple Coffee Roasters

2829 S Street
Sacramento, CA 95816 | (916) 454-1282
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Temple is a coffee-centric, quality focused, retail and wholesale purveyor in Sacramento. Temple sources high-quality coffees through trusted importers and through their own Farm to Cup: Direct program.  All coffees purchased through importers must represent a sustainable transparent model, to ensure progressive and sustainable quality. The transparency model must reveal every aspect of the supply chain, including financial profitability, and ethical standards. 

Temple Coffee is attempting to pave an alternative road with green coffee buying practices.  In 2011, they began direct purchase buying, and in 2012/2013 they launched their own Farm to Cup: Direct program.  They have projects and relationships in Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala, Kenya, and Uganda.

Temple Coffee has purchased energy from 100% sustainable reusable resources since its opening in 2005, and was recently awarded a “Green Award” in 2012 from the City of Sacramento.  Temple Coffee also provides educational classes and cuppings to the general public