Book Club

BookclubThe Slow Food Sacramento Book Club is a book club for readers who enjoy food-related literature, both non-fiction and fiction. The club meets at 6:30 pm on the second Thursday of every other month at one of our member’s homes. Everyone who attends brings an appetizer to share, and we enjoy an evening of lively literary discussion. At the close of each meeting we choose our next book based on recommendations from our members. New members are always welcome!

If you are interested in participating or if you would like more information, please contact Kathleen Albiani at

Upcoming Meetings and Books:

May 14, 2015 at 6:30 pm 

The Man Who Changed the Way We Eat: Craig Claiborne and the American Food   by Thomas McNamee

BOOKclub52015“In 1957, America was a gastronomic wasteland. One man changed all that.From his perch at the New York Times, Craig Claiborne led America’s food revolution. He took readers where they had never been before, and brought Julia Child and Jacques Pépin to national acclaim. He introduced us to the foods and tools we take for granted today, from crème fraîche and balsamic vinegar to arugula and the salad spinner. And he turned dinner into an event—dining out, delighting your friends, or simply cooking for your family. But the passionate gastronome led a conflicted personal life. Forced to mask his sexuality, he was imprisoned in solitude and searched for stable and lasting love…”

July 9, 2015 - Book TBD

September 10, 2015 - Book TBD

November 12, 2015 - Book TBD