GRAS – Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento
P.O. Box 160424
Sacramento, CA 95816

GRAS (Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento) is working to build a sustainable food community in Sacramento. Their foremost program is kitchen-scrap composting, which collects valuable kitchen waste and diverts it to local farms, school and community gardens for nourishing compost. They promote their message of recycling of kitchen waste not only to restaurants, but also to schools, nonprofits, businesses, small children, home cooks and accomplished chefs. As of this year, the GRAS composting program has diverted 175,000 pounds of kitchen scraps from the landfill to fertilize local farms and gardens. They encourage use of products and processes in restaurants that minimize waste, including recyclable and compostable food containers and cork recycling. They also produce Zero-Waste compostable food and supplies with Atlas Disposal.

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