(916) 456-4522
3675 J Street
Sacramento, CA 95816

This small café in East Sacramento on J Street has captured a big idea in food: keep it simple
using high-quality ingredients procured locally and seasonally. All menu items are made from
scratch, including aioli, salad dressings, stock and soups, desserts and bread. The assortment
of breads made daily are all crafted from a wild starter, no commercial yeast is used. Their
menu includes heirloom lettuce, beans, squash, turnips and beets when available. Produce
comes from Del Rio Botanicals and other local producers and farms and all meats are humanely
raised. All disposable to-go containers and tableware are made from recycled materials, which
are in turn recyclable. Juno’s Kitchen stands ready to answer questions about sourcing of any
food in their menu.