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Historically speaking, pizza is still a relatively new phenomenon, having had its origins as a street food in Naples, Italy, about 200 years ago. Immigrants brought it to Italian settlements on the East Coast at the beginning of the 20th century but it was not until after World War II that it became ubiquitous. Unfortunately, as pizza’s popularity spread, its quality transmogrified.

Robert B. Masullo, owner/chef of the pizza restaurant Masullo in the Land Park area, is returning to pizza’s roots. A Culinary Institute of America graduate, he went to Naples four times researching the art of pizza making with chefs at some of that city’s (and the world’s)
oldest and most honored pizzerias.

In his intimate — 40-seat — establishment which opened in 2008, Masullo, who was raised in the Land Park area, makes Neapolitan-style pizzas in a wood-burning brick oven imported from Italy, using the finest, primarily Central Valley ingredients. Short of taking a trip to Napoli, these are the most authentic pizzas one can buy.

Beside pizza, Masullo pizzeria features fine Italian-style salads, appetizers, soups and desserts. At midday it also offers panini (Italian sandwiches). Delicious food, mainly pizza, made in the simplest of manners is the goal at Masullo.

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