Produce Express
(916) 446-8918
2630 5th Street
Sacramento, CA 95818

Produce Express has been located in Sacramento since 1983 and serves over 1,300 food service establishments with delivery of fresh produce seven days a week. Their service features primarily locally grown produce from throughout northern California, much of it organic and seasonal as well as farmstead cheeses, local dairy products, olives oil, and edible flowers. They actively establish strong working relationships with local small farmers in the region and work to educate their customers about the source of the produce being sold. Capay Organics, River Dog Farm and Del Rio Botanicals are among the organic farms that Produce Express delivers from. Their website features the weekly Market Outlook to alert restaurants to the freshest seasonal produce available. Their staff actively discusses the importance of sustainable foods and its positive effect on the environment with customers. In addition, Produce Express encourages restaurants to work with GRAS (Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento) to recycle kitchen waste, compost and use recyclable containers.

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