Producers Snail of Approval Awardees

  • Bariani-
    Bariani Olive Oil

    9460 Bar Du Lane, Sacramento, CA 95829  •  (415) 864-1917   •
    The Barianis make fabulous olive oil and are well-known in the community, attending many farmers markets. “We don’t have any employees and never will.”

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  • Roaster_Logo_400x400
    Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

    East Sac Coffee House & Roastery  •  4749 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95819 • (916) 451-5181
    Downtown Coffee Bar  •  400 P Street, Ste 1203, Sacramento, CA 95814 • (916) 400-4204
       •  •
    Chocolate Fish Coffee believes in fully understanding the coffee cycle from seed to cup. They source beans that have been harvested within the last 12 months to ensure freshness.

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  • delRio
    Del Rio Botanical

    20030 Old River Road, West Sacramento, CA 95691  •  (916) 919-1843   •
    Del Rio Botanical, located on old River road between Sacramento and Woodland, is a privately owned 200-acre ranch producing open-pollinated organically grown seed and freshly packed specialty produce.

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  • DevineD
    Devine Gelateria & Café

    1121 19th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 446-0600   •
    Devine Gelateria & Café features gelato made with a base prepared onsite under the direction of the owner, a licensed pasteurizer, who studied gelato making in Italy so she could produce authentic Italian gelato.

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  • dragonlogo
    Dragon Gourmet Mushrooms

    1225 North B Street, Sacramento, CA 95811  •
    Featuring hand grown, hand picked, and hand delivered mushrooms.

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  • ElegantBeansLogog
    Elegant Beans and Beyond

    P.O. Box 578 Clarksburg, CA 95612  •  (209) 855-2326   •
    Elegant Beans and Beyond, based on the Mohr-Fry Ranches, grows new crops (both summer and winter) of exotic and heirloom dry beans.

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  • gechocolates-
    Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

    1801 L Street Suite 60, Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 706-1738   •
    Ginger Elizabeth was voted one of the “top 10 chocolatiers in North America.” She uses seasonal items in her chocolates, jams, and sundae sauces.

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  • InsightCoffeeRoasters_logo_final
    Insight Coffee Roasters

    Southside Cafe & Roastery  •  1901 8th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
    Capitol Cafe  •  1014 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811
    Pavilions Cafe  •  566 Pavilions Lane, Sacramento, CA 95825
    Fremont Cafe  •  1601 16th St, Sacramento, CA 95814 – Coming Soon
       •  •   
    Insight sources high-quality coffees from coffee producing countries around the world, working hard to establish direct relationships with farmers. All coffees are carefully roasted on site.

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  • Kingbird_finalized
    Kingbird Farms

    P.O. Box 336, Galt, CA 95632  •  (209) 810-8388   •
    Kingbird Farms grows exceptionally healthful pastured eggs, vegetables, fruit, and flowers for local families and a few restaurants in Galt, Sacramento and Lodi.

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  • lundberg
    Lundberg Family Farms

    5311 Midway, Richvale, CA 95974  •  (530) 538-3500   •
    Lundberg Family Farms founder, Albert Lundberg, had a favorite saying: “Leave the land better than you found it.”

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  • Mama Kim’s On the Go

    Mama Kim’s On the Go “Mama Kim on the Go” presents handcrafted food prepared with local ingredients. | View Website

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  • Revolutionlogo
    Revolution Wines

    2831 S Street, Sacramento 95816  •  (916) 444-7711   •
    Revolution Wines produces wine under their own label using locally grown grapes from Clarksburg and Sacramento and Amador counties, generally from within 50 miles of their facility.

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  • Ruhstaller

    Ruhstaller Ruhstaller takes its name from Captain Frank Ruhstaller, who was a premier, pioneer brewer. Today Ruhstaller beer is again made with California hops and barley, grown by
farmers like Dave & Dia Utterback of the
historic Signorotti Hop Ranch in Sloughhouse. This craft brewery and hop farm sources 95% of its hops from California, making it the brewery with […]

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  • SBF
    Soil Born Farms

    American River Ranch  •  2140 Chase Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670 
    The Farm on Hurley Way  •  3000 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA 95864 
       • • (916) 363-9685    •   
    Soil Born Farms, located on the American River in Rancho Cordova (40 acres) and in Sacramento on Hurley Way (1.5 acres), organically grows a wide variety of fruits and vegetables linked to the seasons and temperament of the Sacramento region.

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  • temple
    Temple Coffee Roasters

    Downtown  •  1010 9th St Sacramento CA 95814 • (916) 443-4960
    Midtown  •  2829 S St.Sacramento CA 95816 • (916) 454-1272
    Arden Arcade  •  600 Fair Oaks Boulevard, ste 101, 
Sacramento, CA 95864 • (916) 974-7404
    Roasterie  •  2829 S St.Sacramento CA 95816 • (916) 454-1282
       •  •
    Temple is a coffee-centric, quality focused, retail and wholesale purveyor in Sacramento.

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  • goodstuffFB
    The Good Stuff

       •  •   online shop   •   
    The Good Stuff produces 3-5 flavors of jams and marmalades each season, using in-season fruit from local farmers or neighborhood trees.

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