Restaurants Awardees

Sacramento Region Restaurant Awardees



2831 S Street, Sacramento 95816

Revolution Wines Bistro

Revolution Wines Bistro sports menu changes that synchronize with the seasons and local availability. They typically purchase from local farms, including Soil Born, Del Rio, California Olive Ranch, River Dog, Twin Peaks and Watanabe farms as well as local farmers markets. Chef Rachael carefully researches each cheese, farm, ranch and the producers as well as their produce and meat products to ensure that all foods they serve are local, fresh, seasonal and ethically produced. They hark toward foods like local heirloom beans and tomatoes that make their menu offerings unique. The Bistro strictly enforces a recycling and compost program to ensure nothing is wasted. All food waste iscomposted and to-go containers are made of 100% recycled material and are biodegradable. They strive to purchase only products that are produced ethically and at fair prices both for the producers, buyers and the customers.


1201 R Street, Sacramento 95811
2675 24th St., Sacramento 9581815

Shoki Ramen House

Shoki Ramen House (two locations) is not your usual corner ramen place. At both their locations (24th Street and R Street) the emphasis is on locally grown and organic produce, including organic eggs, tofu and soymilk as well as grass-fed Angus beef. Their shiso leaves are from Del Rio Farm, and their Natto fermented beans are from Petaluma. Seasonal items are featured, including Tomato Ramen and a special edamame soupless ramen. But that’s not all. Everything that can be made from scratch is made from scratch. They make two types of broth daily (the Japanese Wadashi and All Vegetable). Also made from scratch is the ramen sauce, the menma (bamboo shoots) shiitake, the dressing, chili oil, chili paste and sauces for the chashu pork. No MSG anytime, on any dish, or any other preservative for that matter. Chef owner Yasuskhi apprenticed to a kaiseki chef in Kyoto, Japan. After mastering the basics of Japanese cooking, he went on to create a new style of ramen that doesn’t exist in Japan, but is here in Sacramento. All of Shoki’s to-go packaging is make from earth they recycle cans and use LED lights.




2431 J St., Sacramento 95816



Thai Basil Restaurant

Thai Basil Restaurant Midtown (J St.) began forty-five years ago in Ubon, Thailand as a neighborhood eatery offering seasonal and fresh ingredients. Today Thai Basil Restaurant offers the same authentic Thai food made from fresh, local ingredients using traditional methods of cooking passed along from their original founder. All curries are prepared daily and each dish is made to order. No pre-made or frozen products are used. Their signature curry dish consists of 12 herbs and spices slow roasted and ground three times for the right consistency. Thai Basil purchases from local Asian farmers as well as Chan’s Market. Wines are from local vineyards. They offer bicycle delivery by Edible Pedal, use only biodegradable products, compost kitchen scraps, participate in GO Box, and recently purchased a 100% electric car for errands and food delivery. Their guiding philosophy is to be mindful of what we eat, to eat according to season, region and body type, and to savor every bite slowly. That sounds like the Slow Food we know and love!