Restaurants Snail of Approval Awardees

  • Yellowbill Cafe & Bakery

    1425 14th Street, Suite C, Sacramento 95814  •  (916) 668-7514   •
    Yellowbill offers fresh-baked goods daily, using high-quality, seasonal and local ingredients.

  • The Waterboy

    2000 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 498-9891   •
    We’re a cozy restaurant in Midtown Sacramento providing really great service and cooking delicious food since 1996.

  • The Press Bistro

    1809 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 444-2566   •
    The Press Bistro takes its cue from French Bistros and Italian Trattorias, making everything on their menu in-house, including stocks, sauces, pastas, bread and more.

  • The Kitchen

    2225 Hurley Way, Sacramento, CA 95825  •  (916) 568-7171   •
    Chefs at The Kitchen serve a 6-course prix fixe menu to 50 guests each night for their one-seating, seasonal Chef’s Demonstration Dinners that are prepared before your eyes in a kind of theater-in-the-round. The ingredients are the best and freshest available and almost all local, and the chefs prepare their amazing, all-you-can-eat feasts with humor, excitement and a passion for real food, great wines, and unsurpassed hospitality.

  • Thai Basil Restaurant

    2431 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816 • (916) 442-7690 •
    Thai Basil Restaurant offers authentic Thai food made from fresh, local ingredients using traditional methods of cooking passed along from their original founder.

  • Taylor’s Kitchen

    2924 Freeport Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95818  •  (916) 443-5154   •
    Both Taylor’s Market and Taylor’s Kitchen are committed to the fundamentals of the Slow Food Movement.

  • Sun & Soil Juice Company

    1912 P St, Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 341-0327   •
    Sun & Soil is passionate about sharing the amazing flavors of the seasons with their customers and feature rotating juice and food menu options that highlight the beautiful flavors of summer, fall, winter, and spring.

  • Shoki Ramen House

    R Street: 1201 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 • (916) 441-0011 •

    24th Street: 2530 21st Street, Sacramento, CA 95811 • (916) 454-2411
    Shoki Ramen House is not your usual corner ramen place. At both their locations (24th Street and R Street) the emphasis is on locally grown and organic produce, including organic eggs, tofu and soymilk as well as grass-fed Angus beef.

  • Selland’s Market Café

    5340 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95819  •  (916) 736-3333   •
    Open since 2001, Selland’s Market Café is a neighborhood gathering place serving handcrafted foods made with love by the Selland Family.

  • Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op Deli

    1900 Alhambra Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95816  •  (916) 455-2667   •
    Our purpose is to provide our community with seasonal, local, organic food that is wholesome, delicious and made fresh in our kitchen daily.

  • Roxy

    2381 Fair Oaks Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95825  •  (916) 489-2000   •
    Here at Roxy, our focus is on using as many locally raised and naturally healthy food products as possible.

  • Revolution Wines Bistro

    2831 S Street, Sacramento 95816 • (916) 444-7711 •
    Revolution Wines Bistro sports menu changes that synchronize with the seasons and local availability, utilizing purchases from local farms and markets.

  • PMB at the Sheraton (formerly Morgan’s)

    1230 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814  •  (916) 341-4100   •   PMB Sheraton website
    This is a farm-to-table restaurant with a passion for seasonality and locally grown ingredients. They are committed to educating the community and they are a stop on the Local Roots food tours.

  • Paragary’s Bar and Oven

    1401 28th Street, Sacramento, CA 95816  •  (916) 457-5737   •
    Paragary’s Bar and Oven was a pioneer in utilizing local, seasonal ingredients when it first opened in 1983, spurring the now prevalent “locavore” trend in the Sacramento dining scene.

  • OneSpeed

    4818 Folsom Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95819  •  (916) 706-1748   •
    OneSpeed Pizza is a neighborhood pizza joint in the heart of East Sacramento brought to you by Rick Mahan, Chef and owner of Waterboy Restaurant.

  • Mulvaney’s B&L

    1215 19th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 441-6022   •
    Mulvaney’s Building & Loan is an American restaurant, banquet hall, and offsite catering company.

  • Mother

    1023 K St, Sacramento, CA 95814  •  (916) 594-9812   •
    Mother is a restaurant offering great food that just so happens to be meatless. Mother has distinguished itself as offering delicious, seasonal, and innovative food.

  • Metro Kitchen + Drinkery

    1104 R St. Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 346-4610 •
    The Metro Kitchen + Drinkery menu incorporates produce and ingredients according to what’s in season locally, including some of which they grown on their own farm.

  • Masullo

    2711 Riverside Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95818  •  (916) 443-8929   •
    Historically speaking, pizza is still a relatively new phenomenon, having had its origins as a street food in Naples, Italy, about 200 years ago.

  • Magpie Café

    1601 16th Street, Sacramento CA 95814 •  (916) 452-7594   •
    Magpie Café offers food and menus inspired by the fresh, high-quality ingredients available to us seasonally, with an emphasis on those from the Central Valley and Northern California. The Café offers baked goods, sandwiches, salad and soup for lunch and full service dining in the evenings.

  • Lucca

    1615 J Street, Sacramento 95814  •  (916) 669-5300   •
    Lucca offers a California-Mediterranean influenced menu emphasizing seasonal ingredients in a beautifully repurposed historic building.

  • Lemon Grass

    601 Munroe St, Sacramento, CA 95825  •  (916) 486-4891   •   lemon grass website
    Lemon Grass Restaurant offers a casual fine dining experience, for lunch and dinner, in an atmosphere that’s quaint, cozy and inviting.

  • Kupros Bistro

    1217 21st Street, Sacramento, 95811  •  (916) 440-0401   •
    Set in a beautifully restored midtown Craftsman building, Kupros prides itself on providing seasonal, house-made offerings throughout the year, changing its menu to use foods at their peak of freshness and flavor.

  • Juno’s Kitchen

    3675 J St, Sacramento 95816  •  (916) 456-4522   •
    This small café in East Sacramento on J Street has captured a big idea in food: keep it simple using high-quality ingredients procured locally and seasonally.


    1627 16th Street, Sacramento 95814  •  (916) 444-3000   •
    HOT ITALIAN strives to use local and organic ingredients with a menu that changes seasonally to reflect nature’s cycle to make its salads, pizza and calzone, as well as its gelato and sorbetto by Naia that is organic and made of seasonally selected ingredients.

  • Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co.

    1630 S Street, Sacramento, CA 95811  •  (916) 442-4885   •
    Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co. is named after the volunteer-run Mutual Hook & Ladder Co. formed in 1850 – the first fire company in the state.

  • Grange

    926 J Street, Sacramento 95814  •  (916) 492-4450   •
    Grange’s menu showcases market-driven bounties selected from farms throughout the golden state and is best described as simple, seasonal, and soulful. With an authentic American brasserie style, Grange celebrates California with straightforward entrees, rustic artisan breads, and an all-California wine list.

  • Formoli’s Bistro

    3839 J St. Sacramento, CA 95816  •  (916) 448-5699 •
    Formoli’s Bistro prides itself on providing fresh and unique menu items that incorporate locally grown produce, locally raised meat and other local products to prepare each dish with heart.

  • Esquire Grill

    1213 K Street, Sacramento 95814  •  (916) 448-8900   •   Esquire website
    Esquire Grill serves classic American cuisine, with a modern twist. Menu highlights include natural Angus steaks, sustainably raised pork, local oysters, hand-crafted pastas, and free-range chicken.

  • Ella Dining Room and Bar

    1131 K St, Sacramento 95814  •  (916) 443-3772   •
    Ella Dining Room and Bar is part of The Selland Family of Restaurants, and it embodies their philosophy of serving quality food that is from local sources whenever possible with honest hospitality

  • Centro Cocina Mexicana

    2730 J Street, Sacramento 95816  •  (916) 442-2552 • visit website
    Centro Cocina Mexicana was founded on the idea of providing authentic, regional Mexican food in a fun, festive atmosphere.

  • Capitol Garage

    1500 K Street, Sacramento 95814  •  (916) 444-3633 •
    Locally sourced menu options, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free.

  • Cafe Bernardo

    Midtown • 28th & Capitol • (916) 443-1180 • Midtown website
    R15 • 15th & R • (916) 930-9191 • R15 website
    Pavilions • 515 Pavilions Ln, Sacramento 95825 • (916) 922-2870 • Pavilions website
    Since opening in 1993, Cafe Bernardo has served Sacramentans comforting, quality food utilizing the highest quality ingredients and practices.

  • Boulevard Bistro

    28941 Elk Grove Blvd, Old Town Elk Grove 95624 • (916) 685-2220 • BoulevardBistro Website
    The menu focuses on nose-to-tail cuisine, using seasonal, local, sustainable ingredients.