Supporters are those businesses or organizations that support the basic principles of Slow Food. Those in the Supporter category can include food distributors, restaurant suppliers, food- related organizations, community centers and farm stands, community gardens, schools, food writers or bloggers, or nurseries.


Corti Brothers Market

Selling delicious, gourmet, and hard-to-find products for more than 65 years, Corti Brothers Market is a Sacramento institution. Owner Darrel Corti was instrumental in bringing the Slow Food movement to both the U.S. and to Sacramento.

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Edible Pedal

Edible Pedal combines two big ideas: sustainable eating and bicycling. Edible Pedal delivers to-go food from restaurants by bicycle while actively promoting the importance of locally grown sustainable food.

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GO Box

takes recycling and moves it up a big notch — Doing Away with Throw Away. Founded in Portland in 2011, this zero-waste service came to California in January 2014, when Scott Thompson introduced it in Sacramento. You get your to-go food in a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe plastic box that will be recycled at the end of […]

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GRAS – Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento

GRAS (Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento) is working to build a sustainable food community in Sacramento.

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Local Roots Food Tours

Local Roots Food Tours offers authentic tasting and cultural experiences in Sacramento’s intriguing urban neighborhoods and the Sierra Nevada foothills gold mining town of Murphys.

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Produce Express

Produce Express has been located in Sacramento since 1983 and serves over 1,300 food service establishments with delivery of fresh produce seven days a week.

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Two Flew the Coop

Two Flew the Coop’s mission is to promote, encourage, and facilitate the keeping of backyard chickens for the purposes of having fresh and natural eggs.

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