Governor’s & Region Report

Governor’s + Region Report –

Slow Food Sacramento’s successful membership drive has earned the chapter a visit — and meal prepared by — Matt Jones, the newly elected President of the Slow Food USA Board of Directors. Congratulations! Still haven’t joined? We’re hoping to sign up just as many new and renewing members by the end of the year. Consider a gift membership — it’s easy to arrange.

As we go into end of the year harvest celebrations, we’re focusing on the Slow Food Biodiversity Foundation’s Ark of Taste project — the FAO-recognized effort to save delicious foods and meaningful food cultures from extinction. Read more about Slow Food Sacramento’s celebration of Ark products elsewhere in this newsletter. And thank Snail of Approval Awardees including Elegant Beans/Mohr-Frye Ranch and Kingbird Farms for growing several Ark varieties of beans, fruits, and vegetables. Then take a moment to notice that Snail of Approval Restaurant Magpie Café & Catering notes on its menu when it serves AOT foods. In 2014, the 25th Anniversary of Slow Food, let’s celebrate the farmers and chefs who are rescuing these foods. And let’s identify and nominate more candidates for the Ark. The Karakul or Fat-tailed sheep, raised at Oregon House in Yuba County, has just been boarded. Spring lamb anyone? Our chapter nomination, Chenin Blanc Clarksburg AVA is being reviewed. Want to join the Slow Food California Ark of Taste Committee? Email

The Slow Food California Regional Leaders meeting in San Diego November 2-3 gathered over 50 leaders from across the state as well as Executive Director Richard McCarthy and Jovan Sage and Isabel Eljaiek from the Brooklyn staff as well as Matt Jones of the Board of Directors, plus Alfonso Rocha from Puebla, Mexico (International Councilor representing Mexico and Central America) and representatives of Slow Food Baja. Our focus was on what it means to be a region within Slow Food USA and what big ideas we have for the California region. Our Policy and Ark of Taste Committees are up and running. We formed new committees on Transnational work within the Americas and on Snail of Approval as well as for a series of Master Classes — Master of Meat? Wine? Cheese? – patterned after a very successful Slow Food Italy program. More coming soon, including how to volunteer and opportunities for training. Our policy, ark of taste, events, and fundraising workshops were terrific. And we know we need to spread these opportunities around the state. Best part – meeting all these energetic, interesting, involved volunteers, farmers, chefs, educators, gardeners, and you!

Next up for a regional meeting is Sacramento in connection with the Green Schools National Conference March 27-29, 2014. Stay tuned.

Charity Kenyon
Slow Food USA Governor
Central Valley California Region &
International Councilor