Tulí Bistro

2031 S Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 451-8854

Since 2007, Tulí Bistro is a neighborhood restaurant which provides guests an ever-changing variety of seasonal dishes under the leadership of Chef/Owner Adam Pechal. In a modern yet casual atmosphere, Tulí’s skilled chefs engage and educate diners from behind the exhibition line as they cook, always happy to discuss the ingredients, techniques, and sources of food involved in creating every meal. Not only are Tulí’s ingredients high-quality and ecologically sound, but Tulí takes pride in making nearly every component of a dish in-house: from handcrafted pasta, to rich stocks, savory sauces, and fresh salad dressings. Tulí’s menu highlights Sacramento Valley produce; indeed, to Chef Pechal it is unthinkable to not eat seasonally and from local farms in an area as agriculturally rich and diverse as the Central Valley. Tulí’s beef, pork, and chicken suppliers have been carefully chosen by Chef Pechal as well, and are what he considers the very finest available: humanely raised, certified organic, less-processed, and non-GMO. Beyond the restaurant, Tulí often takes its cuisine on the road as well, either providing services as Tulí Catering with its mobile smoker and wood-fired oven, or donating its food and time to the community.

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